California Consumers Request to Delete

California consumers have a right to delete personal information that London Computer Systems, Inc. (LCS) has collected, pursuant to Civil Code section 1798.105. Doing so may prevent LCS from offering you new products and hinder our efforts to support the products and services you may have purchased. By filling out the form below, you are making an official request to delete the personal information that LCS has collected about you. LCS will acknowledge receipt of the request within 10 days. LCS must verify that the person requesting to delete information is the same person for whom we have information on file. At a minimum, LCS will need to verify at least two pieces of information. Depending on the nature of the request, additional verification may be required to protect the security of the data. If the information can be verified, you will be asked to confirm your deletion. LCS will provide a response to your request within 45 days.

If you would like to delete your personal information, please complete and submit the form below or call 1-800-669-0871 x282.  LCS will provide a response to your request within 15 days.

Note: California consumers may utilize an authorized agent to submit a request to delete on their behalf. All Authorized Agents operating on the behalf of a consumer must provide a written (and signed) document establishing their authority to submit requests and must be able to validate their own identity.

By completing the form here, you are submitting a format request to delete the personal information that has been collected about you.