Oct 12, 2021

HR Spotlight: How to Create A Strong Company Culture

The phrase company culture has become a recognizable buzzword often thrown around in job postings and interviews. However, actually building a positive work environment takes time, effort, and dedication. To understand how LCS has built and maintained an award-winning company culture, we sat down with Director of Human Resources, Rachel Huizenga. During her seven years at LCS, Rachel has overseen our expansion to 400+ employees, directed the hiring and onboarding process for all team members, and implementing company-wide processes like the remote work schedule implemented in 2020. As she continues to make a big impact on LCS, she shares her advice on how to create a positive work environment.

Rachel Huizenga Headshot
LCS Director of Human Resources, Rachel Huizenga

How would you describe LCS in three words?

“LCS is supportive, innovative, and fun!”

What does LCS do to set new employees up for success?

“We are invested in each employee’s growth and development—we even have a professional development team! Each of our new employees participates in a 12-week training program to ensure they have the preparation and support needed to be successful in their roles. No matter what position that is, as an LCS employee, you will be part of a team working to move our products and services forward. We are always growing and innovating and, of course, we love to have fun while doing it!”

How has LCS maintained such a strong company culture for so long?

“We invest in our employees and our processes. Our hiring practices are a key part of that. We hire carefully. If we select you to work at LCS, it’s because not only do we think you can complete the requirements of the job; we think you can make us better. We also maintain our culture by holding on to our traditions and values. No matter how much we grow, we still look for opportunities to celebrate successes, recognize contributions, and connect with coworkers.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to create a positive work environment?

“Focus on keeping the lines of communication open. Maintaining an open-door policy helps leadership to stay connected. When employees are given the opportunity to provide feedback and leaders listen to that feedback with a growth mindset, they learn valuable things about the organization. A positive work environment won’t happen by itself, it takes a conscious effort from leadership to continue to build and maintain a company’s culture.”

What is your favorite thing about working at LCS?

“The people. A company is made up of people and we have some of the best!  I’m honored that I have the opportunity to work alongside such talented and caring professionals each day.”

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